Saturday, May 24, 2008

Linnaea's, or How to Say 'Goodbye'

I know that I have written about Linnaea's Cafe before, but it is most assuredly worthy of a second entry.

Much of my college career is directly linked to this place. I've studied here, laughed here, dated here, and cried here. It was here that Billy Dunaway and I first began discussing his conversion to Catholicism; Faith and I went through Nobakov's Lolita; Colleen, Katie and I practiced making animal noises whilst sampling a various assortment of pastries and cakes; Sarah and I did so little homework while having such good intentions; and Paul, Jordan and I would talk about the most inane and important aspects of our lives.

Later I would stop every morning on my way to Lifewater - sharing a cup of tea with Darci and Danielle was a staple part of my day. I considered taking up residence in the loft and raising a cat to keep any mice at bay... I even designed a hamster-ball-like contraption for the side of my bike to take the cat around town with me.

The point: Linnaea's is important to me.

I am currently sitting in the garden area next to the photosynthesis mural, staring at the plant covered wall. This will be my final trip to Linnaea's for a long time. I would imagine by the time I come back here none of the same baristas will be employed, a new generation of college students will have come and gone, and dozens of artists' shows will have graced Linnaea's walls.

On this trip I have said my farewells to San Luis Obispo - its people and places. Farewell Grace Church and all of its growing Jr. Highers! Ta ta McCollum House! Good bye dance parties! Catch you later Phoenix and Leon's (RIP)! Uptown and SLO Perk, I will miss you! Thank you and good bye Mission! To all of my friends and loved ones here, thank you for everything - you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have all influenced me for the better. I am not the same eighteen-year-old who came to you so few years ago, nor are you the same town I was so confused by that September of 2003.

And finally, so long Linnaea's! I drink a cup of World Peace Tea in your honor!

So many exclamation marks, so little conveyed!

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Ryan said...

I love when you write about your life. Many time your words are like Aslan's call to go "up and in" to the wonder of heaven. Your words remind me that heaven has come to earth, especially at coffee shops and in the Eucharist.